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Property owners on Giggster earn over 3x the daily rate of hosts on Airbnb. Listing is easy, and our team is here to help every step of the way.
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What you gain?

Serious Cash

Listing on Giggster is a simple way to make money from the property you already own. Our average Gigg is 3x-10x the rate of Airbnb.

Free Rennovations

Planning an improvement? Production companies often hire professional craftsman's to prep locations prior to filming.

Instant Exposure

Giggster makes it easier than ever to match your property with the perfect project. The more you host the more your exposure will grow.

Support Your Community

Film productions bring big benefits to the local economy. Help support local businesses and become a star in your own neighborhood.


What to expect?

Types of productions, budget and crew size

Light Gigg
Light Giggs are small projects that have less than a dozen people in the cast and crew, and rely on relatively simple film, sound, and lighting rigs. These projects are highly diverse, ranging from photoshoots and made-for-web videos to student projects and documentary films.
Average rent price
2 – 10
People in crew
The risk of injury
Medium Gigg
Medium Giggs cover larger film projects such as commercials, music videos, and indie films. Logistics becomes more important with this scale of project. For example, convenient parking is required for a few large equipment trucks as well as for the cast and crew.
Average rent price
20 – 60
People in crew
The risk of injury
Heavy Gigg
Heavy Giggs are large film projects such as TV episodes, big budget commercials, and feature films. These projects have big crews and require accessibility for cranes and motorhomes, as well as tractor trailers for lighting, equipment, props and wardrobe.
Average rent price
80 – 100
People in crew
The risk of injury

Where Giggster helps?

Safety and Security

Set your price and availability, we’ll handle everything else — from security deposits and insurance to payments and cancellations.

Screening the Talent

We only work with verified production companies, so you can list your space with complete confidence in the project and crew.

Managing Payments

Giggster's secure transfer system removes the hassle and stress of collecting project payment, delivering your full deposit on time, every time.

List Your Property,
Get Paid

Giggster connects entertainment industry professionals with homeowners who want to host the next major production in their home or space.

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